Our work enviroment

We believe that the physical place where you work represents you and has a direct influence on your perception of things. That is why we want our office to be bright, relaxed and minimalistic. To be a second home. A place where there are no limits. A place you want to show to your mum :)

We're waiting for you

For us, it doesn't matter where you are coming from, how you look like or any other aspect about yourself. If you are passionate, talented and enthusiastic about your work, we can't wait to meet you.

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What we have to offer

  • Quality-Driven Culture

    We stand for excellence, so quality a key element that is guaranteed on every project we work on.

  • Free coffee, snacks & hugs

    We want you to be happy. So, on the office you'll have free coffee, tea, fruit, snacks and ice cream! We also have a PlayStation so you can show your gaming skills!

  • Remote friendly

    We are remote workers ourselves, so we're flexible enough to allow you to work outside the office when needed.

  • Your Pixel-kit

    Joining Pixelmatters means you will get our T-shirt, a Moleskine, a Mouse and a 15" MbP Retina, along with a backpack so you can carry everything wherever you like.

  • Small team, growing fast

    You will always have a say and impact on where we go next. Come and let’s define the right path together.

  • Inspiring environment

    We know people do their best work where they love to be, that’s why we have a beautiful office, right in the heart of Porto's downtown area.

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