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The Context


Finta is the iOS app every football fan dreamed for. It’s the place where fans can express their feeling without constrains, follow everyone (fans, players, teams and matches) to get real-time action on their feed and engage with every play, making their opinion count.


Finta is Pixelmatters’s first product and our biggest challenge was to create something unique, that addressed a problem most football fans have: not having a place to talk, share and interact with other football fans, in a contextualized manner.


Our Approach

Specs, specs and more specs

Our first mission was to specify all features and ruling out those we considered dispensable, taking in consideration that the first release would be a MVP version.

Coding from scratch

Every single element of the app was developed inhouse. While Node.js handles the system foundation, the front-End side was completely coded in Swift, making Finta a full native iOS app.


Finta Technologies
There is no greater satisfaction than building an app from scratch and see it grow every day that passes into a real product.

Fábio Martins


Designing Finta

Based on an initial version designed some time before, most of the work was to freshen up the UI and to match new specified features, always having in mind all possible use case scenarios, as well as some limitations on the development level.


Finta Typography

Color Palette

  • #00DB7C
  • #2974FF
  • #FF3845
  • #363F48
  • #73777A
  • #9A9FA3
  • #C0C6CC
  • #CED5DB
  • #E4E7EB
  • #F0F2F5
  • #F5F7FA


Finta Iconography


The Outcome

  • Discover everyone

    Discover everyone

    Find fans you know, recommended players, popular teams and the hottest matches.
  • Real time action

    Real time action

    Boost your feed with goals, red cards, penalties, highlights and much more.
  • Share your thoughts

    Share your thoughts

    Finta is the place for you to share anything with true fans and without contrains.
  • Engage with every play

    Engage with every play

    Rate goals, evaluate referee decisions and support your favourite players.
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  • Finta Evaluate Decision
  • Finta Match Details
  • Finta Team Profile
  • Finta Tournament Details
  • Finta Matches Feed
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